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We are here to elevate chicken to its rightful place is healthy meat snacking.

What started as a booth at the Minneapolis Farmers Market has exploded into a fan-favorite brand, available coast to coast. Founder Nick Beste had a vision to provide healthy protein that tastes delicious, and as importantly, use the small yet Mighty business to Spark change. Today, Mighty Spark empowers consumers to eat healthy with delicious chicken snacks, without sacrificing flavor, and sparks change through its meal donations.

When Mighty Spark set out to craft delicious and healthy snacking for on-the-go, the team saw an opportunity to stand out with a protein that wasn’t represented in the snack category: chicken. Beef had always dominated meat snacks in the jerky aisle since the category was born. But many products only targeted convenience-seeking consumers. As the mainstream, health-first consumer looked more and more for low carb, high protein snacks, an opportunity was born. And while other brands entered the healthy meat snacking space, no one could make chicken taste great, and many continued focusing on beef. Mighty Spark set out to take on that challenge. The brand raised the bar on flavor, elevating chicken to be a preferred, better-for-you meat snack. What if on-the-go protein snacks could be delicious, using clean, simple ingredients? Now we know.

we are here to elevate chicken to its rightfulplace in healthy meat snacking.


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