Gabriel WelkerApr 29, 2020

How does your purchase of Mighty Spark help someone in need?

Meet Louise* from the Philippines whose life has been filled with difficulty. Her family of five relies on the cyclical nature of farming for food, and in the past, Louise often stayed home from school to tend to her younger brothers and their mother who is suspected to have Tuberculosis. When she was able to attend school, Louise didn’t have the energy needed to sustain her throughout the day.

However, since Louise’s school began receiving Kids Against Hunger meals – provided through donations from Mighty Spark – Louise’s life has changed. Because her parents know she’ll receive a hot lunch if she goes to school, Louise has almost perfect attendance. Louise believes the food she eats at school helps her be more productive and enables her to study better. Not only is she no longer suffering from food insecurity, she’s in the running for class valedictorian and hopes to be an engineer one day.

The proper, regular nutrition Louise receives is making a difference in her life. The meal donations made because of your purchase of Mighty Spark are making an impact on the lives of families and communities around the world.

Eat Well. Give Back.