Summertime And The Grilling Is Easy

There are some people that think having a delicious meal means loads of calories. Well, Mighty Spark’s ground chicken and turkey patties are here to throw that misconception out the window!

Daytime TV recently shared a few recipe suggestions that make summer grilling healthy and delicious.

Take Mighty Spark’s turkey tenderloin patties, for example, made with cuts of tenderloin and thighs to make for juicy, flavorful patties. These are a great alternative to beef to cut down on calories (only 220 calories with 10g of protein), and they don’t sacrifice on flavor!

And to cut down on meal prep, Mighty Spark’s ground meat comes pre-seasoned. Our Sweet Thai-Style Ground Chicken is made with premium cuts of chicken and blended with ginger, Kaffir, lime, cilantro, curry, soy sauce and Thai chili peppers — perfect for  lettuce wraps, noodle bowls and egg rolls.

Hungry yet?