The Truth About Lean Poultry Compared To “Faux-Meat”

Everyone seems to be on the hunt for healthy proteins, and for good reason! Protein builds muscle, aids in recovery, improves bone health, lowers blood pressure, boosts metabolism, and keeps you feeling full for longer. It’s a powerful macronutrient that provides the essential building block for all of your body’s functions. In the hunt for better proteins to include in your life, there can be a lot of misinformation. Well, Mighty Spark is here for you, and we want to dispel any misconceptions that cell-based meat-mimickers are “healthier” than complete animal proteins.

Luckily, we can let the facts do the talking to clear up the false notion that meat-alternatives are healthier than natural meat and poultry. You may be surprised to learn that Beyond Meat is extremely high in fat and lower in protein than many of Mighty Spark’s all-natural poultry products which are lower-calorie, higher in protein, AND lower in fat than the manufactured “meat-substitute.” There also tends to be the misconception that meat alternatives add to your daily intake of vegetables, but often times very little vegetables are used in these products. (Beyond Meat’s main ingredients are water, pea protein isolate, canola oil and refined coconut oil.) This means a meat-substitute, like the Beyond Burger, also adds more carbs into your diet than a poultry patty.

Like nutritionist Amy Goodson states, if you’re looking to Beyond Burger to save on fat or calories, you’ll be disappointed.

Unlike Beyond Burger, Mighty Spark’s Southwest Chicken Patties are blended with real veggies: roasted corn, black beans, fire roasted Poblano peppers, brown and white rice, and all-natural chicken- a satisfyingly delicious combo that rings in at only 170 calories with 17g protein. And with 12 percent of your daily value in hunger-quelling fiber, this patty will leave you satisfied for hours.

All of those numbers paint a pretty clear picture on nutrition, and the truth is that there’s a reason chicken and turkey are the health foodie’s holy grail go-to proteins! Check our recipe page for dozens of delicious ideas to enjoy lean protein with flavor.