Mighty Spark Your Purchase Matters

You Are A Mighty Spark Making An Impact

While most people have experienced the feeling of being hungry – the uneasy sensation from lack of food – there are more than 821 million people worldwide who are food insecure*; that means they lack consistent, reliable access to enough good, nutritious food to live a healthy life.

For those in the U.S. that are food insecure, this often means cutting back on food in order to pay bills or rationing out food because you’re unsure of where your next meal will come from.

In Guatemala, food insecurity means kids and families search through garbage to find things to sell so they can have money to buy food.

While there is a great need to provide the basic need of food to millions around the world, it only takes a spark to ignite change.

Together, we can be the spark that makes an impact in the lives of those in need of food. Your purchase of Mighty Spark’s all-natural meat is a small but powerful act that provides a meal to someone in need.

We’re proud to have Children’s Hunger Fund as a partner to fulfill your meal donations to those in need through their international Mercy Networks.

“When you think of food insecurity, you think of homelessness or overseas impoverish countries, but often times food insecurity is right in your back yard,” said Dave Phillips, Children’s Hunger Fund President and Founder. “At Children’s Hunger Fund we work with families who live in the suburbs, who are going to the same schools your children go too, and are living in the same neighborhoods. Food insecurity looks different in so many ways and we are thankful for our partnership with Mighty Spark to help bring hope and combat the issues of food insecurity both local and international.”

By The Numbers | Your Impact Of Children’s Hunger Fund Meals

  • 284,353 meals provided to church groups in northern Thailand who distribute meals to various orphanages
  • 581,466 meals provided to orphan care in Cambodia
  • 151,053 meals provided to 2018 volcano disaster relief in Guatemala
  • 151,000 meals provided to in Honduras
*Food and Agriculture Organization