Mighty Spark Unveils New Packaging Design At The 2019 American Meat Conference

Mighty Spark’s modern packaging of its all-natural, premium meat will hit retailers’ shelves beginning May

(March 1, 2019) Mighty Spark is inviting consumers nationwide to give back to those in need by donating a meal through each purchase of their all-natural, premium meat. At the Annual Meat Conference in Dallas, Mighty Spark will introduce the new packaging design catering to socially-conscious consumers that better highlights trusted product attributes of its all-natural meat made with premium cuts and boldly features the meal donations. New product flavors and forms will also be introduced with the more sustainable, consumer-friendly packaging.

“We’re excited to provide consumers with new packaging and our brand redesign that was created with their needs in mind,” said Nick Beste, CEO at Mighty Spark. “Our consumers are the spark behind the more than 3 million meal donations we’ve made worldwide. We think our packaging redesign will allow for more people to discover just how easy it is to give back. For each purchase consumers make of our all-natural, premium meat, we donate a meal to someone in need, so we thank our consumers for making a big impact.”

Mighty Spark Modernizes Packaging For All-Natural Premium Poultry
Mighty Spark’s packaging evolution is a result of speaking with hundreds of shoppers about what they wanted most when storing and cooking premium poultry.

Consumers’ preferred packaging elements are reflected in Mighty Spark’s new look. Clear callouts of trusted product attributes, transparent film providing full view of the high-quality meat, playful illustrations of each protein type and bold-meets-modern typography are featured in the redesign. The brand’s values of giving back through its amazingly delicious food are called out on the packaging’s front and back to inform consumers that their purchase makes an impact on food insecurity through a donated meal.

Additionally, Mighty Spark is delivering a more sustainable packaging design compared to other poultry brands in the meat aisle. As a growing number of consumers make sustainable packaging one of their top priorities when making purchase decisions, Mighty Spark’s new minimal design eliminates excessive plastic packaging. Mighty Spark’s vacuum-sealed film has approximately 90 percent less plastic compared to most modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) trays and provides consumers with added convenience for storage and cooking.

 Mighty Spark’s all-natural premium poultry, including seasoned ground chicken and marinated diced chicken, are packaged in leak-proof, space-saving and freezer-ready brick form.

Mighty Spark Introduces Butcher Counter Program
This year, Mighty Spark will create more ways for consumers to give back by offering consumers its premium cuts at retailers’ butcher counters. Socially-conscious consumers will see in-store signs to inform them that one meal is donated for every pound of Mighty Spark meat purchased at butcher counters.

Consumers seeking better-tasting meat made with only the best ingredients will find a variety of Mighty Spark’s poultry patties, chicken sausages and marinated diced chicken for delicious meals without the hassle.