Mighty Spark and Kids Against Hunger Donate Meals Locally and Abroad

It’s Easy To Give Back

At Mighty Spark, we’re proud that our business is making an impact to help those in need, thanks to the support from our consumers, retailers and non-profit partners. Together, we’ve donated more than 3 million meals since 2017, and we’re on track to donate millions more to continue making an impact on hunger in communities around the world.

We recently visited the set of Great Day Tampa Bay to share our remarkable food with a cause. Remember, you don’t need to carve out a lot of time or money to give back: For each pack of Mighty Spark’s hand-crafted meat that’s purchased, we donate a meal.

While we were in Tampa Bay, we partnered with Manatee County’s Kiwanis Against Hunger to pack and donate 50,000 meals that will help those in need in southwest Florida. Our donated meals will be given to homeless Veterans and families in Tampa Bay, thanks to food bank partner Our Daily Bread. Thousands of meals are also being donated to Feeding Empty Little Tummies, which partners with Manatee County schools to provide meals to thousands of homeless kids who need food on weekends and during school breaks.

Thanks for sparking a movement with us so we can make an impact together on food insecurity!